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Apollo Phaarmaceuticals API Manufacturers India Pvt.Ltd. In the competitive Indian pharmaceutical market, we have adopted an aggressive marketing approach which we seek to further strengthen. Supporting the company in achieving its aggressive plans is a dedicated and committed army of marketing professionals spread across the country, comprising about 320 well-trained sales personnel, lead by 70 managers in the field.

We identify the core target segment for the brand and segment this group geographically and demographically in order to focus our efforts to get the maximum bang for your buck with the available resources.

Developing a brand positioning statement

This tells who you are; how you are different from competition and why consumers would like to buy your brand.

Selecting Media

We help you select the most economical media vehicle to reach your target audience. We analyze all the media like TV, press, magazines, radio, outdoor, direct marketing, internet and mobile to arrive at a decision, taking care of budgetary constraints.

Public Relations Strategy

Advertising creates awareness for the brand, a good public relation exercise sells the product. We design public relation campaigns to create a positive image of the brand

Advertising Strategy Formulation.

We help you design a communication strategy to deliver your brand message to the target audience in an economical and impactful manner.

Packaging Development

Good packaging can increase your sales by 15 %. We help you design the most economical and impactful packaging for your brand.

Pricing Strategy

Pricing is a strategic decision and the right pricing strategy can help you win the game as well as improve your bottom line. A point to note - 80 % of SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) do not price their product correctly.

Creating a Brand Identity

A brand creates a positive impression in many ways - visiting cards, stationery, office d├ęcor or how your telephone operator talks to your customer. We help you create a positive identity.

Designing Brand Promotions

We help you design innovative brand promotions at consumer and trade level. Our team has 25 years experience in designing and implementing brand promotions and consumer activation programmes.