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Apollo Phaarmaceuticals API Manufacturers India committed to our customers and employees and, more importantly, to the people who rely on our medicines. We plan to move forward with greater vigour and a clearer vision to put each and every individual at the heart of our commitment, working for healthier India – health. With the creation of Apollo Pharmaceuticals Limited, we now have access to one of the richest and most innovative research pipelines in the pharmaceutical industry.

The founder of Apollo Phaarmaceuticals API Manufacturers India Pvt.Ltd., Mr. Vipin Saxena, is a pioneering entrepreneur who is convinced that the future belonged to branded pharmaceutical products. He is among the first to recognise that the industrial manufacture of standardised medicines would be a major advance in the fight against disease.

This led him to found Apollo Phaarmaceuticals API Manufacturers India India & Abroad. From the very beginning, Mr. Vipin Saxena attached great importance to product information as the link between the pharmaceutical manufacturer and doctors, pharmacists and patients. Shortly after the foundation of the company, affiliates were opened in Mauritius, Malaysia, Dubai, Moscow, England, France, the US, Great Britain and Russia.

Since then, Apollo Phaarmaceuticals API Manufacturers India Pvt.Ltd.has grown into one of the world's leading healthcare companies and one of the most important India.