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Apollo Phaarmaceuticals API Manufacturers India Pvt.Ltd. company's shared commitment to corporate responsibility rests with every Novartis associate. Executive Committee member George Gunn leads governance of our corporate responsibility work, elevating it to the company's highest levels. Across Novartis, we aim for transparent reporting of annual targets and long-term objectives in all areas of our business, including corporate responsibility. Apollo Phaarmaceuticals API Manufacturers India Pvt.Ltd. & you. This short phrase sums up our long-term commitment to you, our customer.
Apollo Phaarmaceuticals API Manufacturers India Pvt.Ltd. we believe that great things come from great partnerships. We spare no effort in building and nurturing fruitful partnerships based on close collaboration and outstanding support. Partnering together, we can help you bring your high-quality generic and innovative products to market efficiently and effectively.

Emphasizing the importance of customer service throughout the entire APOLLO API Pharmaceuticals Manufacturer India[P] Ltd organization, we strive to meet and exceed your expectations. Whatever information or support you require, we leverage our experience and capabilities to provide you with exceptional 24/7 customer service.

Our commitment: improving health
We aim to improve global health. Through our business, we make an important contribution to society: We discover and develop innovative healthcare products, targeting unmet medical needs.

Our patients and customers need to trust us and our products. They expect us to do business responsibly and ethically.

We care for our associates, and provide them with a safe and healthy workplace, a living wage and opportunities to enhance their careers – regardless of their gender, race or background. We safeguard human rights in all of our operations.

We recognize that we are part of the communities where we do our work, and strive to positively contribute through alliances and volunteerism. When disasters happen, we do what we can to help.

We protect the environment, and minimize our energy use, emissions and impact of our products on the environment through measurement and management programs.

Our products are essential to our patients and customers, and we have rigorous business continuity plans in place to ensure a constant supply of our medicines

As a healthcare company, our primary focus is research and development (R&D). We do encounter ethical questions as part of R&D, and welcome informed debate on these issues.